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Careers Built on Competency

SSID Awarding is not just another awarding organisation, we aim to ensure that people who come out with one of our qualifications are fit for the role.

Our Centres

Views towards vocational qualifications from centres have often been sceptical in the glazing and construction industries. This is because rather than delivering real, practical training, they only do assessment.

To be accepted as an approved Qualification Delivery Centre (QDC) for SSID, centres must prove that they have a suitable and sufficient full training program in place for new entrants.

They must also demonstrate how they will approach prior learning, existing industry experience and ‘gap fill’ areas where necessary.

Our Quality Assurance Process

Our External Quality Assurance 'EQA' process is robust and each visit will be attended by 2 EQA Verifiers, a systems specialist and a qualification technical specialist to ensure quality outcomes to learners.

SSID Awarding has built a bespoke Centre and Learner Platform (CLP) that integrates centre management and a learner e-portfolio into one system, making administration and quality assurance a much more streamlined process. The system and e-portfolio usage are included for free within each qualification delivery fee.

As well as on-site centre visits and learner observations, our EQA Verifiers will also sample learners' evidence and the Centres' Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) on an on-going basis using our E-portfolio system.

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